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Matthew Scott Jones


I’m a founder and professional macro investor focused on building for the emergence of the Open Metaverse and its digital economy.

I believe the Metaverse will change society as we know it in our lifetimes and represents the next evolution in human connectedness. I am particularly passionate about virtual reality and its unique characteristics.

I'm the co-founder and CEO of Metafabrix Labs. I also support several other initiatives around the Open Metaverse aimed at ensuring interoperability and a positive future. These include the Metaverse Association Non-profit and the OMI Group.  I have also been part of Gitcoin's Kernel web 3.0 cohort (KB4)

I spent many years of my career as a professional macro investor, thinking about inflection points in social, economic, and technology trends.

I've always had a natural curiosity for what the future will look like, and am fascinated by human interaction and behavioural dynamics.

My investing background has given me broad experience across all asset classes, derivatives and geographies. I've been fortunate to work at world-leading hedge funds, family offices, and tier 1 global financial institutions.

These include, amongst others, Tudor Investment Corporation & Point72.

My interest in markets and technology naturally led me to become involved in the blockchain and the digital asset space ( Crypto / DeFi / NFT's ), recognizing its societal impact and the importance it plays in the future of the Metaverse.

Such is my conviction for the changes that are taking place as multiple industries and technologies collide ( XR: VR AR | Social | Gaming | Blockchain | Entertainment ), that I made the decision to focus full time on researching, building, and investing for its emergence.

I've previously been an On Deck founder fellow (ODF8) and part of a startup incubator run by Antler, an early-stage technology VC. Along my journey, I have also been involved in numerous startup projects and helped founders fundraise.

I think of myself as high on EQ, a broad strategic thinker, a clear communicator, and a competent generalist. I am a people person and love building relationships and connecting people together.

I believe greatly in the principle of playing long term games, with long term people

Please see my "Now" page for more updated information about what I'm working on / thinking about currently.

Historical Context


One of my earliest childhood ambitions was to be an architect or designer. Despite never pursuing that path professionally, I think of myself as a creative and visual thinker.

Science Fiction

I've always been drawn to the world of science fiction. I love imagining future technologies and different ways humans could live.

Video Games

Gaming was a hugely important part of my life while growing up. I was captivated by the medium of interactive storytelling and the rich online communities around it.

Virtual Reality

My first VR experience was on a 'Virtuality' headset in Picadilly Circus in the late 90's. The experience was primitive but left a lasting impression. I have been an enthusiast waiting for the tech to mature ever since.


The first time I got my hands on a computer I was eager to learn and experiment during the early days of the internet. I often wonder what my path would have been like had I pursued technology full time.

Market Psychology

Markets to me have always been about human emotion and narratives. Macro investing resonated with me as a unique lense to view global developments and changes in society.


Growing up in an entrepreneurial family, I've always been on the lookout for opportunities and ways to help other founders. There is something infectious about the proactive and uplifting nature of creating a new endeavour.

Magic Internet Money

I first heard about Bitcoin in 2013. I initially didn't take it that seriously other than as a fascinating experiment and trading vehicle

Ethereum & Web 3.0

I eventually spent the time to understand Ethereuem, and it then clicked how there was something much more interesting going on below the speculative noise

Hobbies & Interests

Motorbike Racing

A chance bet with a friend on new years day was the reason I learned to ride a motorbike. It turned out to be one of my greatest passions.


I didn't grow up around horses, but something about them connected with me later in life. I've been fortunate to spend time in the saddle, whether jackarooing in Australia, to the fields of Argentina.

Ice Hockey

Any Brit that plays ice hockey should admit that a contributing factor for starting was in some capacity the Mighty Ducks films. Sadly I don't play much these days.

Cosmology & Astronomy

There is still so much we don't know about the universe. I find it fascinating to learn about and humbling to think how tiny we are.

What next?

Please see my now page for the latest